eyewitnesses world war 2

In 2019 we will remember 75 years of liberation. A moment to remember what this actually means. Stories from that time really tell us how different our lives are today. They changed for the better. To help us remember this, six of those stories will be told in a special way. Six stories of six eyewitnesses, told on the exact same spot the story took place.

German armored train derails at 'Duits Lijntje'

"I'm suprised to see the two German trains. Has the war with Germany really started?

The attack on the Peel-Raam Line

"We manage to defuse a heavy German machine gun. Finally a small success for us."

English bomber crashes in Schaijk

"I see a Britisch bomber flying really low, followed by two German nighthunters. This will not end well."

pilot officer david arthur webb jumped to late and crashed with the dakota

An Engilsch RAF navigator tells about the crash which became fatal to his colleagues
© Wim Boeijen

A warm welcome to our liberators

"When I wake up, I don't realise yet that this third day of Operation Market Garden will have a great impact on my life."

Dakota shot down in Zeeland

"I realise our engine is on fire. Terrifying minutes follow when we jump out of the plane by parachute with 6 of our 8 crewmembers." 

Amphibious vehicle crashes on the 'Oude Maasdijk'

"Are these allies even at the right road?"

have you met all the eyewitnesses?

The eyewitnesses are part of 'Brabant Remembers'. Brabant Remembers tells 75 unique, inspiring, personal stories of people from Brabant during WW2.

This project is made possible by vfonds, with resources from Nationale Postcodeloterij, BankGiro Loterij and Nederlandse Loterij.

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